Male-Female Gender Ratio Of Blackberry Handset Owners

When it comes to gadgets like smartphones, you would normally expect men to be more predominant in ownership. However, Blackberry pleasantly surprises with its gender mix. According to a recent study by mobile content provider Myxer, women constitute over 60% on an average for a majority of Blackberry handsets. This number breaches the 70% in some cases like Blackberry Pearl.

Here are the male-female gender mix among the various Blackberry handsets as measured by Myxer.

Pearl 8130 : 70% females
Curve 8530 : 69% females
Curve 8520 : 69% females
Curve 8320 : 68% females
Curve 8310 : 67% females
Curve 8330 : 66% females
Curve 8900 : 66% females
Bold 9700 : 62% females
Tour 9630 : 59% females
Storm 9530 : 54% females

Average Age Distribution Across Social Network Websites

Close to one-third of social network users are over 45 years of age. This is according to a recent study from Pingdom. The study looks at the age distribution across 19 most popular social networking websites in the US. As per the study, here is the average age distribution across social networks in the United States

0 – 17 : 15%
18-24 : 9%
25-34 : 18%
35-44 : 25%
45-54 : 19%
55-64 : 10%
65 + : 3%

Demographic Profile Of Social Gamers

A comprehensive study of social gamers (which includes games like Farmville and Mafia Wars) was conducted by Information Solutions Group in USA and UK. Here are some interesting results from the survey (PDF link). Please note the stats provided are as a percentage of Internet users in the respective regions who play social games at least once a week.

Gender Profile of Social Gamers

Age Profile Of Social Gamers

Income Profile Of Social Gamers

Internet Usage Among African American Population

In a study published on eMarketer last year, the internet penetration among the African Americans is close to 50%. While this might not be a particularly exciting factor for online marketers, the following numbers about African Americans who access the internet should.

Average time spent online : 18 hours per week (15 hours/week on TV)
Internet access via PC : 93%
Internet access via mobile phone : 76%
Social Networkers : 50%
Avid downloaders of digital content : 66%

Most Popular Websites Among Senior Citizens

The generation gap is seemingly narrowing online with popular online destinations among the senior citizens (65+) being not too different from what it could be for Boomers or younger. Here are the top ten websites that is popular among people of the older age group (ranked by monthly uniques)

1. Google Search : 10.2 million
2. Windows Media Player : 8.24 million
3. Facebook : 7.9 million
4. Youtube : 7.6 million
5. Amazon : 5.6 million
6. Yahoo Mail : 5.6 million
7. Yahoo Search : 5.5 million
8. Yahoo homepage : 5.3 million
9. Bing : 4.5 million
10. Google Maps : 4.3 million

Wait, let me explain. Windows Media Player does not fit in, but probably is in there in this list prepared by Nielsen because of the number of websites that embed the player in their sites. Sort of weird that Nielsen should include that, but they just did.

UK Internet Users Statistics

I must admit that this statistic caught me by surprise. The percent of Internet users in UK looks pretty lower than one would have assumed. First let us look at how the internet users in the UK are distributed across the different age groups


The study was conducted by Nielsen. One possible reason why the percentages appear low is because the study was conducted for one particular month – September. Another study conducted on the frequency of internet usage shows that a lot many of the internet users access the internet at an interval higher than 30 days, and it is probably why the internet penetration gathered inside a single month looks pretty low.

Senior Citizens vs. Baby Boomers On the Internet

How many senior citizens and baby boomers are online and what exactly are they doing here? Well, there are quite a few active users in this demographic.

28% of American senior citizens (65+ years) had reported going online everyday in Feb and March of this year. Compare this with the boomer population that is estimated to constitute 28.8% of all internet users.

Activities that senior citizens do online
Use email : 94%
Shop online : 77%
Look for health information : 71%
Read news : 70%
Manage finances and banking : 59%
Play free online games : 47%

Activities that US Boomer population do online
Use email : 93%
Read news : 73%
Shopping online : 71%
Gather information : 67%
Pay bills : 66%
Social networking & Message boards : 39%
Watch videos online : 30%