Credibility of Blogs As Information Source

How trustworthy are blogs perceived? An exhaustive global survey provides a dismal picture of blogs as a trustworthy news medium. Here are the percent respondents in some countries of those trusted blogs over other medium for information:

Global : 10%
Norway : 5%
Netherlands : 5%
Sweden : 5%
Germany : 5%
USA : 9%
China : 24%
S.Korea : 22%

Are Blogs Influential?

How influential are blogs in helping the reader make a purchasing decision? Here is the percent of American bloggers who accepted to have been influenced to perform the following actions because of blogs they read:

Decide on product or service : 21%
Refine choices : 19%
Get support and answers : 19%
Discover product and services : 17%
Assure : 14%
Inspire a purchase : 13%
Execute a purchase : 7%

Blog Readership Statisics

Any not-so-internet savvy friend would wonder if people actually visit blogs and read them. However, with increase in the number of blogs, the readership is also projected to increase. The following is the growth projection of blog readers; as a percentage of internet users in the US:

2007 : 50%
2008 : 54%
2009 : 58%
2010 : 61%
2011 : 64%
2012 : 67%

Do Blogs Influence Public Perception About A Company?

Blogs do not influence a great deal, but it has already started to be seen as a credible source of information by elite consumers as a source of information about a company. The poll conducted in October 2007 shows the most credible sources of information about a company as:

Person like themselves – 60%
Industry Analyst – 56%
Academic – 54%
Doctor – 53%
NGO representative- 50%
Company Employee – 43%
CEO of company – 23%
Blogger – 12%

I am not exactly sure why people chose Docs and NGO representatives over employees or CEOs

Do Political Blogs Have a Following?

Do blogs that discuss politics have a loyal following among the American population? Seemingly, it does not. In a recent survey on the popularity of Political blogs among the common American public, more than half (56%) confessed to have never read a political blog. Only 22 percent read it frequently (several times a month).

Among those who read regularly, 69 percent did not leave a comment back on the blog that they read. In fact, 34 percent of Republicans commented while only 28 percent of Democrats followed suit.

Corporate Blogging Among B2B Marketers

A majority of B2B marketers have still not taken to corporate blogging. 33% feel they are open to this medium but were still experimenting with the medium. 5% did not find any success with corporate blogging as a marketing strategy. 8% of the marketers interviewed were still actively promoting the medium.

Growth of US Podcast Audience

The American Podcast audience grew by over 285% last year to 18.5 million listeners. This number shall continue its dramatic rise to reach 65 million listeners by 2012. However the gap between active listeners (those who download one or more podcast per week) and the total audience shall continue to grow wide. The projected number of active podcast audience for 2007 and the coming years are:

2007 : 6.5 million
2008 : 10 million
2009 : 14 million
2010 : 17.5 million
2011 : 21.5 million
2012 : 25 million

Popularity of Blogging in Russia

Blogging as an internet activity is growing phenomenally in Russia. In the past year alone, the number of Russian blogs multiplied over 2.6 times. There are now over 3.1 million Russian blogs; approximately 3 percent of the total number of blogs. The average age of a Russian blogger is 22 years and there are 7000 blogs that appear every day!