Most Popular iPhone Apps in China

The iPhone sales have not picked up enough in China with only 30,000 sold so far. However, the apps have started to move off the shelves and no surprise a majority of them are gaming apps. Here are the top ten paid apps in the Chinese iPhone market, category and price of the app

1. Millionaire Tycoon (Game) : $0.99
2. Need for Speed Undercover International (Game) : $4.99
3. Kingsoft Powerword 2.0 Pro edition (Reference) : $4.99
4. Flashlight (Utilities) : $0.99
5. All-in-1 Gamebox (Game) : $0.99
6. iXpenseIt (Finance) : $2.99
7. LRC Player (Music) : $1.99
8. My Reader (Books) : $1.99
9. AutoNavi Navigation (Navigation) : $9.99
10. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D (Game) : $0.99

Apple Mac Ownership in American Households

Most American households that own a Mac also own a Windows PC. A study into this suggests a probability that in most households, Apple is probably the second computer (used by the Apple fanboy of course, while the rest of the family uses the other PC). Here are some stats:

12% of all computer owning households in the US own a Mac (9% in 2008)
85% of that 12% also own a Windows based PC

A majority of Mac owned households have multiple computers
66% of Mac owned households have three or more computers at home
Only 29% of Windows only households are that way

72% of apple computer owners also own a notebook. Only 50% of Windows PC owners fall in that category

How Much Money Does Apple Make From App Store?

Apple apparently makes millions, though that is still a small percentage of their overall revenues. Apple charges 30% on the sale of every iPhone app. Close to 1.8 billion apps have been downloaded. 13%-21% of all apps downloaded are paid and the average price of a paid app is $3.

Projecting all of this, Apple should be making close to $240 million to $440 million every year.
The web developers on the other hand could be making close to $560 million to $1 billion every year.

Interesting Facts About Apple's App Store

It’s tough job to be on the panel of reviewers who review each of the several thousands of iPhone apps being submitted to Apple every day. Here are some interesting facts:

There are 40 reviewers working in the Apple app store
Every app is reviewed by 2 reviewers
On an average 8500 apps are reviewed every week
Apps are reviewed for bugs, instabilities, privacy violations and inappropriate content

On an average it is 6 minutes per app per reviewer

Forecast of iPhone Yearly Sales

Assuming market shares to remain flat, which is not very likely, Apple could expect to sell around 11 million handsets a year by 2011. This comes from

10.3 million from assuming current market growth rate (27% yearly for smartphones) and market share

3.5 million in Europe by extending distribution through Verizon wireless

4 million phones in Asia through expanding the distribution channels.

Are iPhones and iPods Kid Friendly?

You might guess the answer to be in a whopping affirmative since the survey can only be conducted among iPhone owners, those who are anyway madly in love with Apple.

Is iPod touch kid-friendly? 98% parents think so
Is iPhone kid-friendly? 84% think so

Interesting Facts About iPhone in China

Here are some interesting facts about the upcoming launch of iPhone in China:

Exclusive distributor : China Unicom
Number of iPhones purchased : 5 million (@ 10 billion Yuan or $1.46 billion)
Average Cost price of iPhone : $293 per unit
Possible selling price of 8GB iPhone : $350
Possible selling price of 16GB iPhone : $700