Number of Broadband Subscribers Worldwide

Internet through fiber broadband cables is growing very fast and nearly 84% of the world’s fiber broadband connections from Asia Pacific; predominantly from Japan and South Korea. Here are the current state of broadband connections and how they are expected to grow by 2014 according to a study conducted by ABI research

End of 2009
Total Subscribers : 422 million (9% increase YoY)
DSL : 65%
Cable : 25%
Fiber Broadband : 11%

Number of broadband subscribers by 2014 : 501 million (CAGR 20% 2009-2014)

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  1. It’s normal, In Romania you can have 100mbps with only 30 eur per month. In this case is perfectly normal the growth in internet usage. I know because I lived there and I had that wonderful connection. The ISP name is Ilink and it is led by Sabin Piso who revolutionized the internet in Romania.

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