Search Engine Market Share Of Bing

When Bing was launched in the middle of last year, it was touted to be a “decision engine” – a tag that Microsoft sought to differentiate their website from “search engines” like Google. Close to a year later and with over $100 million spent on marketing the website, the company is still fighting Google in the search engine space. However, the good thing is that the market share is growing, if not dramatically, at least gradually.

According to a recent study by Hitwise, Bing has been inching towards the 10% market share – pretty impressive though this does include the market share that would have otherwise belonged to Microsoft Live and the likes.

Here is how the market share of Bing has grown in the past couple of months

Jun ’09 : 5.25%
Jul ’09 : 8.02%
Aug ’09 : 9.48%
Sep ’09 : 8.96%
Oct ’09 : 9.57%
Nov ’09 : 9.34%
Dec ’09 : 8.92%
Jan ’10 : 9.37%
Feb ’10 : 9.70%

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