Average Number Of Search Engine Queries Per Month

Microsoft has been slowing clawing its way up the search engine market share. But no, Google is not feeling the heat. Rather, it is the other search engines in the fray that have been losing search engine market share to Bing. Google, on the other hand is still steadily increasing its own market share.

Compete.com’s report for search engine market share at the end of February shows a 0.6 percentage points rise for Google in market share compared to the January ’10 numbers while Microsoft has grown by 0.5 percentage points. Yahoo has in fact lost 1 percentage point – not that it should matter. Yahoo anyway is in the process of completely outsourcing its search engine to Microsoft.

Here are the total number of search engine queries recorded on the top search engines for the month of February 2010

Google : 10.936 billion
Yahoo : 2.445 billion
Microsoft : 1.582 billion
Ask : 286 million
AOL : 149 million