iPhone App Developer Profile

Ever since the Apple App Store became a hit, hundreds and thousands of app developers have joined the ecosystem. But not all are core iPhone app developers.

Some were into game development earlier and just opened up to the iPhone platform. A few others were J2ME and BREW app developers who started developing iPhone apps. So, what is the basic iPhone app developer profile like? A study by Flurry analytics shows the following profile distribution among iPhone app developers

Online (Google, eBay, Facebook, Zynga etc.) : 22%
Native iPhone (ngmoco, PageOnce, etc. ) : 20%
Traditional Gaming (EA, Activision, etc. ) : 19%
Retail & CPG (DKNY, Kraft,etc. ) : 17%
Traditional Media ( Disney, NY Times, etc. ) : 17%
Mobile (Digital Chocolate, eBuddy,etc. ) : 5%

Social Media Marketing To Hispanic American Population

Here are some stats: 18% of American Twitter users are Hispanics, 20% of bloggers in America are of Hispanic ethnicity and there will be close to 23 million Hispanic Americans online this year. However, these numbers have failed to convince marketers to take the social media route to targeting this population as a recent study shows

Number of marketers who targeted Hispanic Americans via

Facebook : 18%
Twitter : 15%
MySpace : 5%
Others : 8%
None of the social media sites : 78%

Most Popular Online Properties For Local Shoppers

Local shoppers no longer have to rely on information about coupon, offers and reviews from the local advertisers on newspaper while shopping in their neighborhood. The internet comes handy too. In a study by BIA/Kelsey, it was found that an overwhelming 97% of US internet users checked the online media for research before shopping locally.

Here are the most popular media used by local shoppers online

Online Media : 97%
Search Engines : 90%
Internet Yellow Pages : 48%
Comparison Shopping Sites : 42%
Vertical Sites : 24%

Dutch Mobile Market Statistics

TelecomPaper released their latest report on the wireless market in Netherlands. According to the report while growth rate has slowed down since a year earlier, it is expected to pick up this year though the growth has all along been modest. Here are the projected revenue stats from the country

2008 : €6.44 billion (2.4% growth)
2009 : €6.5 billion (0.9% growth)
2010 : €6.6 billion (approx. 1.5% growth)

Close to 73% of total service revenues are from voice traffic

How Social Media Helps In Online Marketing

What is it that marketers are looking for from social media like blogs, Twitter and Facebook while using these channels for their online marketing efforts? A study of close to 700 marketers revealed the parameters they were looking for while they employed social media through 2009

1. Improving brand awareness
2. Increase site traffic
3. Increasing lead generation
4. Improve Customer Service
5. Generate new sales
6. Generate repeat sales

MMO Games Revenue By Country

USA is without doubt the leader when it comes to revenues made from Massively Multiplayer Online games like World of Warcraft and Runescape. In a new study by GamesIndustry in association with TNS, here is the revenues made from MMO games by the following countries for the year 2009

1. USA : $3.8 billion
2. UK : $270 million
3. Germany : $250 million
4. France : $220 million
5. Belgium : $55 million
6. Netherlands : $65 million

Close to 40% of revenues on an average is from monthly subscriptions.

US Cities With Highest Number Of GPS Searches

According to a recent study by TeleNav, Walmart, Starbucks and Target are among the highest searched businesses on GPS in USA. The highest number of GPS navigation occurred from Maryland, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, North Carolina and California.

Here are the cities that had the maximum number of GPS searches

1. Phoenix
2. San Antonio
3. Cleveland
4. Detroit
5. Jacksonville
6. Dallas/Ft. Worth
7. Austin
8. San Diego
9. Miami
10. Indianapolis

PC Gaming Software Revenue Statistics

The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) recently unveiled their report that studied the growth in PC Gaming revenues over the past one year. Here are some interesting numbers revealed by the study

Global revenue from PC Gaming for 2009 : $13.1 billion (3% up from 2008)

  • 70% of gamers from North America and Europe purchased a full game online
  • 50% of the gamers from these regions also purchased a virtual good
  • Less than 20% of total revenue is now from retail boxed sale of PC games
  • Average revenue fall from 2008 in North America and Europe : 10%-15%