ARPU Of American Wireless Operators

Data ARPU among American mobile network service providers is steadily on the rise since 2004 and the corresponding number for voice has been falling. In a study of the network performance in the last quarter of 2009, Wireless Intelligence has found that ARPU has overall declined thanks to users spreading their spending across multiple connections. Here are the numbers gathered for the top US network carriers

AT&T : $50.69
Cincinnati Bell : $43.89
Leap Wireless : $38.66
MetroPCS : $40.70
nTelos Wireless : $51.48
Sprint : $49.26
T-Mobile : $46.00
US Cellular : $53.55
Verizon Wireless : $50.23

Overall ARPU for Q4 ’09 : $49.31 (down from $50.61 in Q3 ’09)

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