Ad Malware : Most Unsafe Online Ad Networks

Who would you blame if you clicked on an ad on a website and it got malware to your computer? The website owner because he is playing party to the ad network or the ad network itself?

In a recent study by Avast, it was found that Yahoo’s Right Media Yieldmanager was the cause of a majority of ad malware served. Yahoo alone makes up close to one-thirds of all ad malware served. While it looks obvious that it is the ad networks’ fault, Right Media VP Bennie Smith has blamed the publishers for the problem.

Here is the ranking on the most unsafe ad networks

1. Yahoo Right Media YieldManager
2. Fimserve
3. Advertangel
4. Bannerimg
5. Jambovideonetwork
6. MySpace
7. Zedo
8. Vestraff