‘Tech Crunchies’ is a website on the latest internet related statistics and surveys. Statistics covered here are all taken from some of the most credible names in the internet media like TechCrunch, GigaOm, Marketing Pilgrim, eMarketer, Comscore to name a few.

As of January 2010, Tech Crunchies receives close to 70,000 pageviews every month predominantly from Google Search and also to a major extent from Facebook and Twitter. The website now holds an Alexa rank of 79,123.

The website has an interesting mix of marketing professionals and students as the targeted visitors. Here is the approximate break-up of the visitors

Students : 43%
Marketing Professionals : 39%
Webmasters : 9%
Others : 10%


Anand Srinivasan
Anand Srinivasan is the owner of Tech Crunchies. He is a Mechanical Engineer from BITS,Pilani with a Masters in Business Administration from NITIE, Mumbai. You may reach him at anand.srinivasan@techcrunchies.com

Gowri Naveen
Gowri Naveen is the in-house mobile expert and she majorly covers all mobile related statistics. She is a Computer Science graduate. You may reach her at gowri.srinivasan@techcrunchies.com

Kasthuri VN
Kasthuri VN writes on social media and conducts survey studies at the local level. Write to her at kasthuri.vn@techcrunchies.com

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Tech Crunchies
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Chennai, India

Ph: +91-9884355188

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  1. Hi Anand,

    Out of all the numbers you have quoted in the recent post… only the 44% INTERNET USERS undertaking Social Netrworking & Orkut is the most preferred site should be credited to us…

    Rest all numbers are not our numbers. I guess there is a confusion somewhere. Posiblly the source has quoted numbers from various sources in cluding ours basis whichever suited to hime/her from whichever source.

    Please make necessary correction… our estimate of Urban Indian Internet Users as of Apr. 2007 was 30.3million we don’t do projections

    We never did any broadband users projection.


  2. Hi Anand
    you are a tech maverick,and your site is well planned and nonambiguous,but the techcrunchies is something i can’t understand, as everything is a bit technical for me. But I’m trying to get hook of things by going through the content. Right now it’s a bit tough.
    with best wishes

    A Bisht

  3. Hi Bisht

    Thanks for your comment. Basically this is a blog on Internet and Web 2.0; the statistics and figures surrounding this sector.

    Hope you find them interesting.


  4. In my previous post, i said that the content on techcrunchies is proving to be a bit technical for me. But after following techcrunchies studiously for quite sometime, i’ve started understanding it, and finding it immensely interesting and useful. thank you for enlightening , keep doing so in future as well

  5. Hi Anand,
    You had posted a post about infected web pages, some days back.Although i don’t know whether you respond to such queries but still I thought may be it can solve my problem.
    So how can a person know whether his or her blog is infected or not?
    Yesterday, an account named ‘grogal’ posted a comment on my recent post on my blog. The comment was nothing more than ‘Look here and a hypertext with the word click’, when i clicked on the hypertext, it showed some trojan like messages and started spyware check. Was it a malware attack.
    Although i deleted the comment. i don’t know, what effects it can have or how severe is the threat.If it was a attack, will my action suffice and prevent further damages.
    Please guide

  6. Hi A Bhist,

    Let me take the opportunity to answer you here.

    To find a blog is infected its difficult but you can always use raw check on your web site to see how many external links are availble. Try to look around for websites which allows you to see how yor website will look when there is no CSS or styles. Just a raw but lets you find lot of hidden things.

    Second. In case you get some link , the only way we can test is go there and see what it does. In case something unusual happens just stop the browser and close it and like you did delete the comment.

    It wont affect your blog for sure and rest is you can not do anything except telling people from whom you got comment and every details so they can be careful.

    I hope that helps

  7. Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule and responding to my query. Although i have done certain actions, which as per you will be sufficient. I’m finding it extremely difficult to find a site which can show the link on my blog.
    Regarding the malware threat, i’ll definitely tell others to remain aware of of the malicious account.
    Meanwhil i have restored my PC to an earlier point.
    Thank you once again.

  8. Hi Anand,
    I’ve been following your blog as usual. The post regarding Corporate Email snooping is quite interesting. The reason is , irrespective of the organisations of Private or Government domain, organisations suffer from the same human errings. So apart from the statistical viewpoint, the post underlines one important fact–humans are to be managed well for the organisations to do well.
    Other posts are also very readable and to the point.Thank you for enlightening , keep enlightening us in future as well.

  9. hey, thanks for dropping by.. definitely looking at a domain, who are you using for hosting? any recommendations? i’m really tech challenged, so its going to be a bit of a struggle, i think 🙂
    And hey, you’re from NITIE. damn, if I’d done that last interview right, I might have been your suuuuper senior 😉

  10. The numbers regarding Google registered webpages are both encouraging and threatening. Encouraging, as they prove how popular blogging is and threatening, as most people find their blogs insignificant in this ocean.
    Keep enlightening us.

  11. Where are all of your statistics coming from? Generally, research is only credible when the process by which the data was arrived at is detailed and found to be legitimate. So, I wonder, how do I know you didn’t just fabricate these numbers in an effort to muck up some poor student’s research paper?

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, Surendar. I am curious why you need only Indian readers. In my opinion, technology blogs need to have a universal reach.

  13. Anand – this is a trademark violation in the United States for sure. There is almost no question that you are going to create ill-will with TechCrunch. Just change the name.


  14. Anand, I discovered your site quite by accident after reading your guest post on Daily Blog Tips and I think you’ve got some great information and tips about technology. I’m a NY based journalist and I’ve recently started a fun blogzine Lassi with Lavina – all about people,arts,food,travel and books – and can use all the technical information I can get! It’s nice to get information from many sources in one place. Thanks.

  15. Hi Anand,
    Good site, any tips with regards earning revenue from blogs is appreciated, I am having hard time modifying blogspot template to add ads.
    Thank you

  16. Hi Dan

    It’s been a long time since I moved out from blogspot and so my knowledge is a bit rusty there..If you don’t mind moving to a new theme, did you search for ‘Adsense ready’ blogspot themes? I am sure you will find a lot of them..

    Also, have you thought about moving to your domain name? It is a wonderful investment (though it costs less than $10)..

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